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The Journal of Ottoman Calligraphy welcomes always proposals from freelance writers and photographers, who supply nearly all of the Journal’s content.

What we publish: Positive and non-political stories of lasting educational value about aspects of the Islamic Art and Ottoman Calligraphy. Look at the back issues on this website. We always welcome academic papers.

What we don’t publish: Politics, poetry, personal memoirs, fiction, travelogues and “destination” stories, as well as stories whose interest is primarily regional, local or for a specialized audience. The Journal of Ottoman Calligraphy articles are generally not conflict-driven, and they must appeal both to readers who have no familiarity with the Journals’s regions or subjects as well as experts.

We welcome creative new ideas.

Length varies greatly. There are 500-word profiles and there are 5000-word features with multiple sidebars. Visual content can vary from two or three images to more than 20 in a photo essay.

Our readers are primarily non-Muslims living mainly in North America and Europe.

Please feel free to contact us:




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April 13, 2006 at 9:17 pm

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