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NECMEDDiN OKYAY: (1883 – 1876)

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Necmeddin Okyay was born in 1300 H. in Usküdar. He received his icazet in Divani script from Talat Bey, teacher of writing in the Ravzai Terakki School in Usküdar, and his icazet in Thuluth and Naskhi from Bakkal Arif Effendi. He also took lessons in Ta’liq and Jeli from the great calligrapher Sami Effendi. He was appointed imam in the Yeni Mosque in Usküdar, and remained in this post for many years. Necmeddin Effendi introduced a number of improvements in the writing of Ta’Iiq and Jeli Ta’Iiq, of which he was one of the finest masters. He also displayed great skill in Ebru (marbling) and in the binding and repair of old Turkish books. He was the inventor of an original type of Ebru containing floral motifs and writing. He held teaching posts in the Medresetül Hattatin (school of Calligraphy), the Sark Tezyini Sanatlar Mektebi (School of Oriental Decorative Arts) and the Academy of Fine Arts.He died in 1396 H. (1976) at the age in ninety-three and was buried in the cemetery of Karacaahmet.


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March 25, 2007 at 5:36 am

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