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Konya Manuscripts Library

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The library was opened to the public on 20 July 1984 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The foundation goal was to gather valuable manuscript collections around the country. Its complex consists of three stories which include 14 bureau, 3 depots and 4 reading halls. The usable field is 723 m2.


It was built by Yusufağa, the steward of Mihri Şah Sultan, Selim III’s mother. It is owned today by the General Directory of the Pious Foundations (Vakıflar Genel Müdürlüğü) in Ankara. Its complex consists of a single story with a dome. The usable field is 110 m2. It is bound to the Bölge Manuscripts Library.


Directly From the Books: Researchers, after scanning the catalogues (on Dewey system) and filling in a request form, can see the books they are looking for. They should fill in a separate form for each book they are interested in it. After this process, the book is made ready in front of them. However it should be noted that except studying on different copies of a certain book, it is not possible to see all the books they want to see at once; only one book can be delivered on a certain time. The books are checked by the employee (who is in charge of delivering it) before the delivery. And they are checked when researchers submit them back to make sure that no harm is done to the books. The check includes miniatures, pages, in fact any small details on/in the books. Researchers can use their laptop computers if it does not have a camera.

The request forms should be submitted between 8.00 and 12.00 in the morning, and between 13.30 and 16.30 in the evening. The books which are being repaired cannot be delivered for study. In this case, a CD or microfilm of the book can be presented for the study if there is one. Book delivery times can be changed by the Governorship of Konya when necessary. The Library is also open on Saturdays.

Previously, foreign researchers needed to be in possession of valid “study permission” obtained via the representatives Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their homeland, and for short-term researches the library administration is authorized to give such permission. But according to a Karar (decision) issued on the Resmi Gazete (Official Newspaper) dated 10 November 2003 (karar no. 2003/6270), the library administration is authorized to give short as well as long term permisssions of study for foreign researchers. So, foreign researchers no longer need to have a “study permission” obtained via Turkey’s representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their homeland.

To be able to make use of library collections, a researcher:should leave a valid ID card to the information desk at the entrance, while studying the books, should put them on the table; not take it at hand or put it on knees, should not lean on the books, should not write down on the books, should not copy in any form, should not touch pages directly; should place a paper under her/his fingers during the reading, should not get her/his finger wet during turning the pages, should use only soft pencils during the whole study. Pen is not allowed.

To be able to get CD or micro film, a researcher should apply to the directorate of the library with a form in which he/she fills in:

– Register number of the book he/she wants to study on,

– His/her name and surname

– Page numbers she/he wants to obtain a copy,

– Purpose of the study

It is important to note here that the researcher should make a written agreement that in case his/her study in which a collection from the library used is published, he/she will deliver a copy of it to the library. The agreement should be accompanying of a copy of his/her ID card.

In case the library directory sees it appropriate, the CD or microfilm is submitted to the researcher following the payment of the necessary fees according to “the rules and regulations on making use of works belong to public institutions” issued on the Resmi Gazete (Official Newspaper) dated 16 October 1986 and numbered 19253. For the foreign researchers the same procedure is to be applied.


To be able to study at Yusufağa Manuscripts Library, researchers should make an appointment with the Bölge Manuscripts Library as it is attached to this main library. Bölge Manuscripts Library’s telephone numbers are as follows: +90.332.3511216, and Telephone and Fax:+90.332.3507225. Other procedures are the same as in the Bölge Manuscripts Library. There is further possibility of using our computers while making use of the CD’s of the works located in Yusufağa Manuscripts Library.


At the Bölge Manuscripts Library complex, calligraphy and Ebru (the Turkish Painting Art) courses are being organized for more than a decade. Its halls can be used for some cultural and artistic activities and expositions as well. Many artists use its hall as location for their expositions.

Konya Bölge (District) Manuscripts Library
Adress: Bahçelievler Mah., Yavuz Selim Cad. No.152 Meram/KONYA/TURKEY
Tel:+90.332.3511216 Fax:+90.332.3507225

Source: Konya Bölge (District) Manuscripts Library


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October 25, 2006 at 6:15 pm

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