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The View:The Temple Conspiracy

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The exact date of commencement of the Masonic movement is unclear. A good definition of the movement is as ‘Dorzy’, the Dutch orientalist stated: ‘A large collection of diverse groups and different sects working for one objective; namely the establishment of the Jewish Temple, which is the symbol of the Israeli State.’ The word Mason is an abbreviation of the term ‘Freemason’ which means ‘free builders’.

In 1906 The Masonic Information Centre of Philadelphia stated: “Every Masonic assembly must be a symbol for the Jewish Temple” and indeed they all are.

The Jews founded many organisations in Palestine with the sole objective of establishing the Jewish Temple on top of the ruins of the Al-Aqsaa mosque. This is in addition to the numerous other Christian and Jewish organisations that they have created. Moreover, the Israeli government has built five religious schools to teach students about the Temple, its history and its related rituals. Read more


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April 2, 2006 at 10:30 am

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  1. I feel moved to comment on your site generally not just the last posting.

    It is informative in an important way. It needs to be communicated widely.

    As a Christian British person I find your transliteration of the names I know: Joseph, Ishmael, Abraham, Jesus etc difficult to handle. i feel alienated not included in your heart. No doubt the other people of the book would have similar difficulty given their Hebrew versions of the same names.

    Arabic speakers and readers, all of Islam, would not find this. They already know the intertwining of their own story with that of the followers of God’s last prophet.

    You I presume write in English to communicate with such as me. You have done so successfully.

    I see an argument for using your technique for emphasising the Muslim differences from Christians like but if you, like the Prophet, wish to be inclusive and include all people committed to belief in the one all powerful God then maybe it would be goo to avoid away of writing the names of prophets and angels in a language with which we are not familiar.

    The Global Silk Road

    The Global Silk Road

    April 2, 2006 at 11:10 am

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