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The Excellence of Aayaatul – Kursi – Surah Baqarah 2 Vers 255

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Ibn as-suna traced a Tradition-( Hadith) from Ail may Allah Ta’ ala, ennoble his face said; Rasualullah sallallau-alayhi-wasallam ” That Faatihatul-Kitab and the Throne-verse and Al-Imran Verses (3:18-19a) [18 starts with- Shahidallahu annah] and [19a is- innad-deena-‘ in-dall-hil lslam] and (3: 26-27) [ 26-27 starts from Qul-lilla-humma-malikal-mulki… to the end of bi-gheera-hisaaba] are hung upon the Throne; between them and Allah there is no veil… And Allah Most High Said, ” I have sworn that none of my servants shall recite you after every prayer-rite without my making Paradise his placing him in the enclosure of holiness; and without my glancing at him with my eye of mystery, seventy glances every day; and without my supplying for him daily, seventy needs, the least of them forgiveness; and without my sheltering him from every enemy and giving him victory.
If Aaytul – Kursi is blown on yourself shayaan or jinns alike will not dare come near you.


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March 31, 2006 at 2:09 am

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